Damian Wilson
English singer-songwriter and frontman for bands such as Arena, Threshold, Ayreon and Headspace.

Damian Wilson - Limehouse to Lechlade
LP | CD | Digital

Damian Wilson’s new album, Limehouse to Lechlade, was released on November 12th on LP, CD and download/streaming format. The album, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, is Damian’s first full-length solo album since 2016’s Built For Fighting. It contains 13 original songs and is Damian's most eclectic work yet. Known for his exploration into different genres, the songs on the album range from folk-rock to power pop, with the occasional Floydian guitar solo.

1. Once We’re Gone
2. Limehouse To Lechlade
3. Climbing Frame
4. Let Me Down Slowly
5. Fire & Ashes
6. Picture
7. No Money

8. Key To Life
9. Hard To Keep Faith
10. Must We Say Goodnight
11. It Ends Here
12. Women On My Mind
13. Cornerstone
14. Seek For Adventure (CD bonus track)

Damian Wilson - Limehouse to Lechlade
Songbook + DVD

The new edition of 'Words Are So Misleading'; the complete Damian Wilson songbook.
This songbook contains the lyrics to all the songs from Damian Wilson’s solo catalogue and all the songs Damian has written for bands such as Headspace, Threshold, Landmarq and more. It comes with a bonus DVD, Damian Wilson - Live in Berlin; an 8 song acoustic set recorded at the Columbiahalle in November 2019.

Damian Wilson - Thank You (The Holdsworth Sessions)
10"LP+CD | CD| Digital

This EP, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, is Damian’s return to a more classical approach, recording with just piano and string orchestra, like Damian and Andrew did with Just The Way It Goes over 20 years ago.

01. Thank You
02. Let Me Down Slowly
03. God Be My Judge
04. Until I'm With You
05. Can You Hear Me

Damian Wilson - Built for Fighting
LP(transp. yellow) | CD | Digital

The 2016 album, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, was Damian’s first solo album in more than 10 years. Following suit with his previous solo releases, Built for Fighting is a singer-songwriter album containing 11 new original songs and a cover of Depeche Mode’s Somebody. Reissued as transparent yellow vinyl edition in 2020.

The album is mixed and mastered in Sweden by the Fascination Street duo Jens Bogren and Tony Lindgren.

01. Thrill Me
02. When I Was Young
03. Impossible
04. Fire
05. Somebody
06. Sex & Vanilla

07. Can’t Heal War
08. What Have We Done
09. Written In Anger
10. All I Need
11. I Won't Blame Life
12. Battlelines

Damian Wilson - I Thought the World Was Listening
2CD | Digital

This double disc retrospective features remastered tracks from throughout Wilson's solo career, including 5 new re-recorded versions and 6 previously unreleased songs.

01. Disciple
02. Commune
03. Beating Inside
04. Please Don’t Leave Me
05. Never Close The Door
06. One Life
07. A Long Way Home
08. Naturally
09. Homegrown (Original demo)
10. Adam's Child
11. Quietly Spoken
12. When I Leave This Land
13. She's Like A Fable
14. Spin
15. See You There
16. Wedding Song

17. Array Of Lights
18. Brightest Way
19. Light In The Middle
20. Smile
21. For The One I Long
22. Warning Light
23. Moment Of Your Doubt
24. Naked
25. Subway
26. Fine Weather
27. Nothing In This World Remains
28. Just The Way It Goes
29. Feels Good
30. Nothing Without You
31. Part Of Me

Wilson & Wakeman - Stripped
LP, CD, Digital

Live studio session: After the final show of their 2018 acoustic tour Wilson & Wakeman decided to go into the studio to capture the onstage chemistry. They played through songs performed on their 27-date tour and recorded everything. Aside from stripped down versions of songs from their joint albums and both their catalogues, the album contains a selection of cover songs that were part of the tour setlist.

01. Life On Mars (David Bowie)
02. Laugh In Time
03. Written In Anger
04. Tapestries
05. People Come And Go
06. Disciple

07. Seek For Adventure
08. I Won’t Blame Life
09. Soldier (Headspace)
10. The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour
11. Feel Like Going Home (Charlie Rich)



Wilson & Wakeman - The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour
LP, CD, Digital

Second album by Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman. It also features guest musicians Andy Dunlop (Travis) on guitar, Ash Soan (Adele, Robbie Williams) on drums, Tony Woollard (Damian Wilson) on cello and Hayley Sanderson (Strictly Come Dancing) on backing vocals. Mixed and mastered by Gary Stevenson (ABC/Go West/Tony Hadley) and Mike Exeter (Judas Priest/Black Sabbath)

01. The Last American Hero
02. On This Battlefield
03. Always The Lonely One
04. Blackpool Clip Joint Racket
05. Laugh In Time

06. Better Than That
07. Red Socks
08. Shining A Light On A Miracle
09. Tried And Tested
10. The Sun Will Dance In Its Twilight Hour

Wilson & Wakeman - Weir Keeper's Tale
LP, CD, Digital

First acoustic album by Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman. Features fan-favourites 'Seek for Adventure' and 'People Come and Go'.

01. Seek For Adventure
02. Weir Keeper's Tale
03. Catch You When You Fall
04. Together Alone
05. Murder In A Small Town
06. Freedom Is Everything
07. God Be My Judge
08. People Come And Go
09. Cold


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